Steve Coffee, Songwriter

Indian Joe

©2013 Stephen R Coffee

During the Dust Bowl, there would have been a few Native Americans who still remembered the nomadic life on the Plains. What would they have thought of white man's ways? From Rain Follows the Plow, here performed by Kevin Dudley.

"Outsanding Achievement In Songwriting," Great American Song Contest

Honorable Mention, Woody Guthrie Song Contest

Did you hunt the buffalo?
Can you still see buffalo
steaming in the morning glow
smell their blood, hear ‘em low
when the sun spoke Arapaho
Indian Joe

You wear your hat pulled over your eyes
you don’t look no one in the eyes
little children run and hide
women cross to the other side
but the cowboys say no one can ride like
Indian Joe, mm hmmm

you ride the old Comanche trail
what’s left of the Comanche trail
you ride through snow and wind and hail
you’d rather face the coffin nail
than the reservation or the jail
Indian Joe, oh where are your people?

You watched the grassland disappear
the wolf and wildcat disappear
everything that you held dear
thunderbird, pronghorn deer,
bow and arrow, and the spear
Indian Joe, where are your people?

Did you dance to bring the rain?
hey, you could dance to bring the rain?
you warrior of the wind’s domain
lightening on the open plain
running like an open vein
Indian Joe, where are your people
Indian Joe, where are your people?

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