Steve Coffee, Songwriter

Praise the Drugs and Pass the Ammunition

©2011 Stephen R Coffee

Perspective on the drugs for guns trade along the US/Mexican border. For background, read the Washington Post report.

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Across the border - In Tijuana
We’ve got the drugs that you all need
We got the cocaine - The marijuana
We got the pharmas and the bathtub speed
Down in Nogales - In Matamoros
We got a law called supply and demand
A little gunfire
A little bloodshed
Here and there a head in hand
Nothing works like prohibition
Praise the drugs and pass the ammunition

Across the border - Up in Houston
They got the guns that we all need
They got the 9s - AK 47s
Mass destruction guaranteed
They don’t ask questions, no need for questions
Con mucho gusto and si señor
They like our money - Our drug money
US dollars coming back for more
You’d do the same in their position
Praise the drugs and pass the ammunition

This ain’t no war zone – this ain’t no disco
This is commerce, pure as sin
We don’t need Wall St - No stinking NAFTA
To keep the money pouring in
Some for the jeffe, the traficante
Some for the mayor, some for the man
Some for the grower, some for the runner
Some for the customs agent pension plan
Some for the poor, Some for the hungry
Some for the Virgin of Guadalupe
Some for the cops, the Federales
Some for the guns to blow ‘em all away
Satisfaction is our mission
Praise the drugs and pass the ammunition

You’re entitled to your superstition
Praise the drugs and pass the ammunition

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